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I’ve been writing fiction since I was 8, copywriting since I was 15, and tapping out impassioned essays and articles since I was 17. I view the written word as something I can harness to power the imagination, entrepreneurship, my communities, and more.

My professional writing has taken a wide range of forms, including (but not limited to):

☼ web copy ☼ ad copy ☼ social media copy ☼ infographic copy ☼ white papers ☼ business plans ☼ blog posts ☼ news articles ☼ “listicles” ☼ non-fiction book acknowledgements and introductions ☼ proposals ☼ educational materials ☼ slide presentation copy

I strive to put meaning and positive impact behind everything I create. My work has benefited the Phoenix startup scene, a domestic violence prevention organization, and countless creative clients. Regardless of whether the idea is mine or your own, I want to use it to work together toward a better, happier, and more productive world.

Want to work together?